HiveTracks Statement of Research Purpose

HiveTracks’ senior leadership team includes Ph.D level scientists who care about honey bees, bee health, and the environment. Our research objective is to create a data platform for collecting data from hobbyist, sideliner, and commercial beekeepers as well as bee researchers that will help answer the pressing issues facing beekeepers and apiculturists dependent on them.

As a beekeeper, you have an opportunity to participate as a citizen scientist by contributing high quality data that will help address issues important to the honey bee. By having a standard data platform that can be analyzed at the aggregate and granular level, we can learn more about the honey bee and how to mitigate the threats they face every day which leads to a better, more sustainable future for the honey bee and the crops and people dependent on it.

To this end we have partnered with the Center for Analytics Research and Education (CARE) at Appalachian State University, in Boone, North Carolina, to lead and coordinate our research efforts. Below you can find some projects currently underway.

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Current Research Projects


Data Standardization Program

Working with strategic partners to identify, define and prioritize the most important data to support the honey bee and apiculturist.


Citizen Scientist Training

Developing a training and mentoring program for apiculturists and bee enthusiasts who love the honey bee to improve the quality and consistency of data leading to more robust analysis and treatment plans to help bees and beekeepers.


Virtual Communities

We are setting up virtual communities of beekeepers in clubs and other groups that can benefit from sharing their data with their friends and learning best practices for their issues and region.


Remote Sensing

We are studying the role that remote hive monitoring equipment can play in being a more effective and informed beekeeper.


Data Platform

We have and continue to improve a customizable data platform that bee researchers and others can use to collect and store their data. Additionally we can provide analytics services to help researchers through our partnership with CARE or provide anonymized data to select researchers to address questions important to honey bee health.


Intelligent Hive Management System

All of these programs will lead to building a data driven smart hive management system that can improve the quality and consistency of apiculture operations and help sustain the honey bee.