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Know Your Bees

Foster the health and productivity of your honey bees by recording important beekeeping data. Relax, we’ll show you exactly what to do regardless of the hive types you use.

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View Smart Maps

See where your bees are foraging. We create a map with one, two, and three mile radius rings around your hives allowing you to see the environment encountered by your bees.


Set Reminders

Easily stay on top of what needs to be done next using the to do list and calendar. Never miss those important tasks like feeding, inspections, and queen status updates.


Share Data And Outcomes

Share your data and outcomes with others in your network for the benefit of yourself, other beekeepers, and global bee health.


Go Mobile

The ease and convenience of managing your honey bees on your mobile device has finally arrived. Our responsive web application and native mobile apps for offline work bring the power of mobile to your beekeeping.


Simplify Hive Management

Our easy to use software modernizes your beekeeping processes by keeping track of data, observations, and your equipment inventory.


Take Hive Tracks On The Go

  • Works offline.
  • Fly through inspections.
  • Edit your hives.
  • Take photos and audio memos.
  • View a timeline of your beekeeping activity at a glance.
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Trusted by over 18,135 beekeepers to manage over 100,000 hives.

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What Customers Are Saying

"We enjoy using the software for our bee inspections. Documentation is very important and Hive Tracks allows us to take better care of our records."

Robin Jordan, Beekeeper from Oklahoma

"I like the overview of my beekeeping that Hive Tracks provides. Once I have the data entered I can review and compare the status of my colonies as well as their queens. Inspection history gives me a rundown of what I've done and what needs to be done to a colony all on the same page without having to search through a notebook. The mapping feature gives me a great picture of where my bees may be foraging or what colonies are providing drones for my queens mating requirements. I also like the inventory features for tracking my equipment. The program is flexible to allow the user to do as little or as much as they want to fit their beekeeping recording needs. Great stuff!"

Peter Ostrowski, Beekeeper from Virginia

"The Santa Brabara beekeepers Association has been using Hive Tracks for several years now with great success. We manage well over 100 hives in Santa Barbra, California and find Hive Tracts an invaluble and indispensable tool to monitor and manage all our hives."

Paul Cronshaw, Director of Operations SBBA, Beekeeper from California

"Everyone considering Hive Tracks (especially small time folks like me; 4 - 10 hives urban beekeeper) should know that there are video tutorials which make the program easy to learn."

Annette C., Beekeeper from Ohio

"We're second year beekeepers and our bees are on the roof. We find Hive Tracks to be a useful tool since paper tends to blow off the roof. "

Davey and Carol Rance, Beekeepers from Pennsylvania

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Simple pricing for busy beekeepers


$5 / month

  • 0 - 10 Hives
  • Yard Customization
  • Hive Customization
  • Inspection Recording
  • Inventory Tracking
  • iOS and Android Apps
  • Community Clubs
  • Basic Support

$10 / month

  • 11 - 20 Hives
  • Hive Customization
  • Yard Customization
  • Inspection Recording
  • Inventory Tracking
  • iOS and Android Apps
  • Community Clubs
  • Premium Support

$20 / month

  • 21 - 100 Hives
  • Hive Customization
  • Yard Customization
  • Inspection Recording
  • Inventory Tracking
  • iOS and Android Apps
  • Community Clubs
  • Premier Support



Will my data be seen by others?

No, default is no data is shared. You can opt in to share hive locations or join a group and share whatever level you want within the group.


Can I download my data?

Yes, you can create pdf reports as well as download csv files of your data.


Can I still use Hive Tracks if my bee yard does not have cell or wifi coverage?

Yes! Our mobile apps allow you to work offline in your bee yard and then synchronize with the web application when you return to coverage. Or you can write down your notes and then enter them into Hive Tracks later.


Is there a version I can download to my desktop or laptop?

No. This is cloud based software that is accessed via an internet connection and an internet enabled device.


Can I use with my mobile device?

Yes, the site is responsive and will work through the browser on your mobile device as long as you have cell or wifi coverage.


Can I share my beekeeping data with other beekeepers, like club members, mentors, or friends?

Yes, we offer a group feature that allows Hive Tracks users to create their own associations and share information with each other.